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What is courage?


Each of our courage journeys looks different.  Our personalities, experiences, and upbringing all play a part in how we see ourselves and affect how we show up in the world.

Even though we all have our own stories, one thing unites us all – the desire to feel loved and belong.

Here are some definitions of what courage means to these women and the bravery they’re choosing daily to be their most authentic selves.

Meet Hanna Streng.

When asked what courage means to her she said,⁠

“Courage, to me, looks like honesty. With myself, with God and with others.⁠

It means admitting when I feel weak, scared, and vulnerable and not withholding my joy when it fills me up. ⁠

It means daring to ask questions to find true answers, and being brave enough to listen to my own heart and run the race set before me, even if others might look different. ⁠

It means dreaming big and staying open, even in disappointment.”⁠


Zoey says…

I’ve heard a quote that says “Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s feeling the fear and knowing that something else is more important.” Courage in my life looks like taking risks. Being able to live my life to its fullest happens because I don’t listen to the lies, doubts, or fears. It’s talking to that new person, trying out for that new position, and going after my dreams and passions wholeheartedly.


This painting represents courage. Foxes are tiny creatures that have to be bold because there are so many other creatures that are bigger and stronger than it. But the fox has extreme intelligence so they can succeed and hunt more skillfully than a large predator because of their intelligence


Patricia describes courage as…

Courage in my life looks like taking my place. Ownership, when I feel like hiding.

Honesty, when holding back feels safe.

Gentleness, whether I get it right or wrong.

The more I embrace my journey, in kindness, the more courageously alive I see myself and others become.

I have wanted to try modeling, but was too afraid for years because I didn’t see myself as beautiful or worthy. Modeling [Dainty & Daring’s] jewelry was such a fun, happy moment & a breakthrough in confidence, and I feel like [she] captured the real me.

What does courage mean to you?

Send us a message and let us know for your journey to be featured on the blog.



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