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Hi Lovely! I'm Faith

I’m a Brunei born, Hong Kong raised, Filipino, residing in Redding, CA (phew!) who’s passionate about crafting, loving on women, and fighting for freedom!

I never thought I would have a jewelry business.

3 years ago, I was working as an Architectural Designer in crowded fast-paced Hong Kong, wondering why landing my “dream job” wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I wanted. I loved that I got to create but my desire for justice and purpose wasn’t getting met.

Around the same time, I was in a long term codependent noncommittal relationship (that's a long story - you can find out more on my blog).

Striving to get someone to love me enough to choose me slowly ate away at my self-worth.

I would do anything for his affection even if that meant crossing physical and emotional boundaries.

My Courage Journey

When I felt God leading me to move across the world to “rural” Redding, I jumped at the chance to start over and rediscover who I was.

3 years later, after ministry school, lots of love encounters with Jesus and a community that helped me rebuild the pieces of my heart, I found myself again.

I invested in a heart journey with God and although it was scary to revisit old wounds, He healed me.

He showed me that though I was looking for my worth in failed relationships, He's been singing "YOU ARE WORTHY" over me all this time. And I finally listened.

So instead of self-protecting habits that shielded me from both pain and love, I now live free!

Free to be Loved

And I desire for every woman to encounter His love that transforms!

Now you can find me sipping on a cappuccino, reading books about emotional health, or designing new ways to bring out a woman’s beauty and strength next to my entrepreneur husband (yes, the Lord is faithful! ).

If I can be that encounter for you to believe “I am enough. I am loved. I am free” so that lies, guilt, and shame become a distant memory, then I’ve fulfilled my life purpose.

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