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Hi Lovely! I'm Faith

I know what it's like to constantly compare yourself to others. I thought that in order to be successful and loved, I needed to be louder and more outgoing like them. But deep down, I knew that wasn't me. I had always been a listener, someone who gave thoughtful and kind advice. I had a calm and peaceful energy that drew people in and made them feel comfortable.

After many love encounters with Jesus, I finally realized that I didn't have to change who I was to be valuable. I began embracing my gentle and soft persona. I started being true to myself and allowing myself to be vulnerable. I found beauty in the small things and started to appreciate the peace and warmth that comes with the way He designed me.


This realization led me to start my own jewelry business, a place where gentle women can relate and be reminded of their own courage. I named it "Dainty and Daring", because the jewelry is delicate, just like us, but it's also bold in its message to love ourselves unconfined. It's for those who dare to value themselves and use their tenderness as a strength.

Each collection I design is meant to highlight the unique qualities that make us daring gentle women. From pieces that symbolize the power of vulnerability, to others that represent the grace and determination of being true to oneself. Every piece is crafted with care and is designed to remind you that your softness is powerful and inspire you to embrace it.


One of the ways my store celebrates women is by giving back. For every necklace purchased, we donate one stamped necklace with a word chosen by the customer to the anti-trafficking non-profit organization "Stand for Justice". Each necklace is gifted to someone in the adult entertainment industry with the hope that they will see themselves as valuable and dream of a better life. It's our small way of contributing to a greater cause and to remind these women that they are valued and deserving of a life filled with hope, love and freedom.


I'm so proud of who I am now, gentle and kind, and I want to share that with the world, not just through my jewelry but also by coaching women on their journey of embracing and loving their gentle selves.

As a coach, I facilitate conversations between you and Jesus to help you peel back the layers of fear and limiting beliefs that have kept you rom embracing your softness as your strength.

I love seeing how in a moment Jesus can heal the hurts that have defined women and give them a new identity, one of wholeness, courage, and confidence.

Through my jewelry and coaching, I hope to inspire gentle women that they don't have to change themselves to be loved and valued. They can confidently be themselves and own their tender power.

We can be both

  • Dainty & Daring
  • Soft & Strong
  • Tender & Tenacious
  • Peaceful & Powerful