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5 every day bead necklace ideas

Layering. How do you do it? We get that question a lot. Especially when it comes to layering different types of necklaces like pearl, chains, and beads!

Here are 5 layered necklaces so you can start layering our beaded, pearl, and chain necklaces with ease!


1. Cleo Bead Necklace + Calista Beaded Pearl Necklace

These beaded pearl necklaces are the same length - 16". One way to layer two necklaces of the same length is to first attach them to each other!

Take the clasp of the Cleo necklace and connect it to the tag of the Calista Necklace.

You'll end up with a very long single necklace with a clasp and a tag.

Afterwards, wrap it around your neck twice and connect the end clasp and tag together and adjust the length of each necklace just the way you want it.

You can place the Cleo necklace above Calista or vice verse.

This way your necklaces WON'T TANGLE!

Try these color combos

  • Cleo & Calista necklaces in Turquoise
  • Cleo necklace in white & Calista necklace in Rose.
woman wearing seed bead jewelry in turquoise and sterling silver

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2. Vera Necklace + Calista Beaded Pearl Necklace

Another way to wear the Calista necklace is layered with the Vera necklace.

The Vera necklace is a shorter choker so using the hack above and connect both together gives you the flexibility to layer them 2 different ways. With the Vera Necklace on top (like the image below) or wear the Calista beaded pearl necklace above the Vera chain.

Try these combos:

  • Vera Chain in Sterling Silver & Calista necklace in Turquoise
  • Vera Chain in 14k Gold-filled & Calista necklace in Rose

woman wearing a chain necklace and beaded pearl necklace

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This duo can turn into a trio! Simply add a longer pendant necklace and voila, you've just leveled up your layering game!

woman wearing gold filled chain necklaces and beaded pearl necklaces

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3. Vera Chain + Daisy Pearl Beaded Necklace + Anya Necklace Allegra Pearl Necklace

I just love the Calista Necklace BUT another one that's simpler for every day is the Daisy Pearl Beaded Necklace. Swap out the Calista for the Daisy if you love pearls and white necklaces that go well with any outfit!

Woman wearing layered beaded and pearl necklaces

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4. Allegra Pearl Necklace + Calista Beaded Pearl Necklace

Another necklace to layer with the Calista Necklace is Allegra. This pair is perfect for a night out and worn with a dressier outfit.

These necklaces are the same length, so use the hack  above in #1.

The Allegra Pearl necklace pairs well with either the Rose or Turquoise Calista necklace.

woman wearing pearl string necklace and beaded pearl necklace

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5. Vera Chain + Cleo Necklace + Anya Pearl Necklace

What about 3 necklaces of different lengths?

Use the necklace hack in #1 with the Vera Chain and Cleo Necklace and simply pull the Cleo necklace so it's layered in between Vera and Anya.

An important thing to remember when creating a trio like this is to put on the longest necklace first - in this case Anya, and then add the Vera and Cleo duo. That way the Anya chain is layered underneath them.

Wear this trio with the white Cleo Necklace all in 14k Gold-filled or add a touch of color and wear them in Sterling Silver with the Turquoise Cleo Necklace.

Woman wearing gold filled chain layered with beaded and pearl necklaces

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I hope that these ideas help you get started on your layering game! Pin this image below to save the blog and come back to it whenever you need inspiration.

Dare to Play in these layered necklaces and continue to lean into childlike faith.

5 ways to wear beaded pearl necklaces

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