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Find your size for the perfect ring stack

Ring Stack Must Have Tip

I've got something super helpful to share with you today—a video tutorial so you can confidently create that perfect ring stack you've been dreaming of!




So, let's gather the tools you'll need: a trusty piece of string, a ruler that shows millimeters (not inches), a pair of scissors, and of course, our handy ring size guide.

Ring Sizing

First things first, wrap that string around the exact part of your finger where you want your ring to sit. Once you've got it snug and comfortable, go ahead and snip it with those scissors.

Now, it's time to bust out that ruler and measure the length of the string in good ol' millimeters. Remember, we're all about precision here!

Once you've got that measurement, it's time for the fun part. Take a look at our ring size chart and compare your measurement to find your perfect size. Ta-da!





And if you have any questions along the way (and trust me, we all do at times), don't hesitate to reach out to me at hello@daintyanddaring.com.

Now that you have your ring size, its time to create some dainty ring stacks!

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