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Layered Chain Necklace Tips

When I meet people at pop-ups, one question that often comes up is, "How do you created a layered necklace without them getting tangled?" Well, I've got a fantastic tip for you that not only ensures your necklaces stay untangled but also allows you to wear them in multiple stylish ways!

Adjustable Chain Necklace

So, let's get started. Choose two necklaces that you'd like to layer. In this example, I've selected the Hazina Chain and the Soraya Crystal Necklaces—a beautiful chain necklace and a pendant necklace. You can also choose two pendant necklaces or two chain necklaces, but it's best if they're approximately the same length.
Now, here's the trick: Attach the clasp of one necklace to the end tag of the other, essentially joining them to create one long necklace. This way, you'll have the length to wrap it around your neck twice, ensuring that your necklaces won't tangle. Finally, connect the remaining clasp and tag to each other. When you're finished, it will look like you're wearing two layered necklaces and essentially you've created 1 long adjustable chain necklace!

Double Layer Necklace

To create your first look, simply adjust the necklace so that one sits higher than the other. In my case, I positioned the Hazina chain higher, resting at the base of my collarbone, and let the Soraya Crystal Necklace hang a bit lower.
Now, if you want a different style, all you need to do is switch it up. Since the two necklaces are attached, you can easily pull the higher one down and make the second one shorter. In my second look, I lowered the Hazina chain, so the Soraya Crystal Necklace became the focal point, resting at the base of my collarbone. You can create this double layer necklace with any 2 necklaces you already have with this one tip.
Feeling like trying yet another look? Just add another chain or pendant necklace! For this, I suggest a thicker chain, such as the Verona Chain, or a larger pendant necklace like the Hope Necklace. In my final look, I placed the thicker Verona necklace between the Hazina chain and the Soraya Crystal Necklace. This technique works wonders for creating a layered effect with two chain/choker necklaces and one pendant necklace. Simply layer both chain necklaces on your collarbone (usually 16" chains), then add a longer pendant necklace (around 18-20").
I hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and given you the confidence to layer your necklaces without any worries about tangling. Remember, experimenting with different combinations and lengths is key to finding the perfect style that suits you.
Here's a pro tip that goes beyond just looking fabulous with your layered necklaces: When people notice how amazing your style is and ask you about them, it's an excellent opportunity to spread the word about Dainty and Daring and our mission to help end human trafficking!
So, get ready to layer with confidence and make a difference in the world. Together, let's bring attention to the fight against human trafficking, one beautifully layered necklace at a time. Happy layering!

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