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Alexa’s Courage journey

Who knew Instagram would lead to this?

I first met Alexa on Instagram. I was leafing through encouraging Christian posts like I usually do and found Alexa’s Instagram feed. I love how she shares her journey with Jesus so vulnerably and encourages her followers with the insights and revelations she receives from God. She also has a BEAUTIFUL VOICE that soothes you into the presence of God – listen to her cover of Amazing Grace and feel the peace of God surround you.

Alexa is a writer for the well-known Instagram page Her True Worth, a love-focused community of God’s women who embrace & celebrate our true worth in Christ. After connecting on Instagram and discovering our mutual love for Christ, beauty, and courage it was only natural that a blooming friendship was born!

Curious about Alexa’s journey to wholeheartedness, I reached out to her to find out how she braves her way through life’s circumstances and learned to love herself the way the Father does.

I’m so excited to share her insights with you!

Here’s Alexa’s courage journey.

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What does courage mean to you?

Courage means being brave and fearless, even when the world is not. True and powerful courage is from God. There is no other way to step out of the comfort zone than to have the powerful courage within my heart from my Father above.

How have you grown in being vulnerable and overcoming the lies that say you’re not enough?

The lies that say I’m not enough always come and go. They come when I’m at my weakest—the enemy will always try to attack. I have grown and learned that these lies are just what they are. LIES. They are not the truth. The truth Jesus placed over my life is not there to make me feel better, but the truth is there because it is the truth I must live by. I can only overcome every lie that says I’m not enough by remembering the truth.

How has the revelation of God’s love and acceptance transformed the way you 1) see yourself and 2) see others.

God’s love has shown me that even though I am not perfect and I’ve made mistakes, His love covers all sin. His love for me has comforted me, it has given me hope for a future, and a purpose to live again. I no longer see myself as a broken person walking, but a renewed spirit full of love. I see others the same way—they are not hopeless, they are in need of love and acceptance too. This love is for everyone.

What are some ways that you love yourself?

I’ve learned to see myself through the eyes of God. I love the person He has created me to be because I am created in His very image. I no longer hate the way I look or see myself as a burden, but I see my image as a light to this world and a valuable treasure of God.

How significant is community in helping you love yourself well and pursue all that God has for you?

Community is crucial. I didn’t always have a community or a church family to go to. I found that this is so important. It’s important to have other believers and supporters by your side. They will help you, believe in you, and support you through your journey. God placed people in our lives for a reason, to lift each other and encourage one another. Without my community, I may have not been so encouraged to pursue my calling.

Can you share some words of encouragement with women that are desiring to be courageous and see themselves the way that God does?

It is not easy to see ourselves in the eyes of God, but this is what our God desires. If we believe in Jesus, we must follow His ways. Jesus has given us courage. He has given us confidence. He has given us the truth that we can walk in every day. Because of this, we are free and we are known.

I encourage each of you to choose courage over fear. If God is calling you to pursue something, do not hold back. He sees you as His most valuable treasure—one that He will never let go of! Be free and be courageous! Walk in the truth God placed over your beautiful life!


Alexa learned that God’s word is far more powerful than the lies the enemy tries to taunt us with. Through leaning on what God says, remembering to meditate on truth, and surrounding herself with community, Alexa has found the courage to see herself through the eyes of God and pursue her calling.

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