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The best gift you can give the world is your authentic self. Just you being the queen God’s created you to be. Fully seen, known, and loved. Uninhibited by the fear of not being enough. Free from self-criticism, you are the most powerful weapon against shame. The courage you have to love yourself as God does, gives you the freedom to love people into their own courage journey. – Faith Vu

HI LOVELY, I´m Faith

I’m a Brunei born, Hong Kong raised, Filipino, residing in Redding, CA (phew!) who’s passionate about crafting, loving on women, and fighting for freedom!

I never thought I would have a jewelry business.

3 years ago, I was working as an Architectural Designer in crowded fast-paced Hong Kong, wondering why landing my “dream job” wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I wanted. I loved that I got to create but my desire for justice and purpose wasn’t getting met.

Around the same time, I was in a long term codependent noncommittal relationship (that’s a long story – you can find out more on my blog).

Striving to get someone to love me enough to choose me slowly ate away at my self-worth. I would do anything for his affection even if that meant crossing physical and emotional boundaries.


When I felt God leading me to move across the world to “rural” Redding, I jumped at the chance to start over and rediscover who I was.

3 years later, after ministry school, lots of love encounters with Jesus and a community that helped me rebuild the pieces of my heart, I found myself again.

I invested in a heart journey with God and although it was scary to revisit old wounds, He healed me.

He showed me that though I was looking for my worth in failed relationships, He’s been singing “YOU ARE WORTHY” over me all this time. And I finally listened.

So instead of self-protecting habits that shielded me from both pain and love, I now live free!

Free to be loved, give love, and to dream.

And I desire for every woman to encounter His love that transforms!

Now you can find me sipping on a cappuccino, reading books about emotional health, or designing new ways to bring out a woman’s beauty and strength next to my entrepreneur husband (yes, the Lord is faithful! ).

If I can be that encounter for you to believe “I am enough. I am loved. I am free” so that lies, guilt, and shame become a distant memory, then I’ve fulfilled my life purpose.



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